Friday, 31 January 2014

Graffiti Has No Pride

Street art can be fascinating, interesting and attractive but this graffiti is bloody embarrassing.

Calder Freeway underpass at Diggers Rest
If the people (adults and kids alike) want to set a good impression to visitors or if the locals want to live in a nice location then something needs to happen.

Every day, thousands of train travelers are introduced to Diggers Rest and Sunbury by this degrading paintwork and rubbish strewn along the tracks. What do you think country people think of our towns, and the wider Melbourne metropolitan area, when this is the first noticeable thing they see? Their first thoughts would most likely be, "Yuck, I'm glad that I don't live here.' or 'These people have no pride.'

The Calder Freeway underpass is an example of all of the local groups disliking something but believing that somebody else should fix it.

The Melton and Hume Councils who claim that the mess is "in between" shires so neither are responsible. Vicroads, Metrail and VLine are not concerned about the problem and avoid responsibility. The Diggers Rest residents feel that the job is too large for them to fix and the underpass is designed to attract more graffiti  if the walls were cleaned. The local youth want to express themselves but do not seem to understand the difference between pride and embarrassment.

It is our 'elephant in the room.' Should we do something about it or will we always turn a blind eye to the ugliness?

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