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Strange Sounds from 1892 at Diggers Rest

Edited by Susan Mackay

DIGGERS REST [From Sunbury News in 1892]

An amusing incident occurred a few weeks ago not a thousand miles from Digger's Rest, which resulted in the complete discomfiture of a young man whose name I will not divulge. Who, having occasion to bring in some horses after the shades of night had fallen, was passing by a waterhole when his attention was arrested by strange sounds issuing from it.

Fearlessly and defiantly riding up to it he dismounted and in commanding terms demanded, "Who art thou?"  Which brought forth no response as deafly silence reigned supreme. Again he cried, "Who art thou?  Show thyself." Again no reply.  Stooping down and picking up a huge missile he tried, "By my h…….(unrecognizable word) speak or I'll strike!"

Which brought forth a response from a huge frog in deep sonorous tones. This proved too much for the overstrung nerves of the courageous knight. For with one frantic spring he alighted in his saddle and plunged his spurs deep into the flanks of his fiery steed, dashed wildly across the plain fearing to look behind lest he should behold all the infernal furies in hot pursuit.

He did not draw an even breath until he was safely wrapped in the folds of his virtuous couch, and there to sleep the sleep of the brave, dream of deeds of valor earned and battles won.

Susan found this surprising article while researching some Diggers Rest history. It was printed in the Sunbury News in 1892. The grammar is not perfect, but the content is fantastic. What a wonderful era for journalism.

Extract from the Trove

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