Sunday, 16 February 2014

Burra's New Coach Is Eager To Get Going

Shaun Sims has stepped up to the mark to coach the seniors in 2014. As long time local champion and captain, Shaun is eager to drive the team forward.

Shaun Sims on field, Macedon v Diggers 18 May.2013. Photo by the Diggers Rest Burras

The Burra's football club is Shaun's second home and he has dedicated the last 9 years to captaining the team he loves. He performed as assistant coach for 5 years and learned a great deal from his mentors. He has wanted to coach all of his life and is grateful that the club offered him the opportunity.

Shaun believes that the Burras are a great team because the real strength of the club is how well everything works well both on and off the field. "The club is the most supported in the league," said Shaun. "It is a place where families are welcome and we make it our football club. The club has a great committee, who are never in the limelight but work tirelessly to support the players, encourage sponsors and promote football."

Off the field, Shaun is relaxed and confident. He is instantly likeable and easy going. A teacher for 7 years at the Diggers Rest primary school, he understands how each of his students can improve and guides them to be better people.

In the club rooms, and on the field, Shaun is ruthless. He knows that the team must be very competitive and professional. He is straight talking, knowing that the team relies upon him to drive every player, and the overall team, to reach higher standards.

"We do well as a unit because everyone cares for each other, and a club that cares, wins," said Shaun. "We started working on this year's season the day after the 2013 final and we are eager to take on the new year."

Shaun is pleased that the team is already playing a a high level and constantly gets into the finals but he believes that it can improve. If the team can play the outside better, build on defense and tackling then it will win a premiership final.

On Friday, 28 February 2014 the Burra's will put on a Training Intra Club game at home to hone their skills and supporters are invited to come along.

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