Monday, 3 February 2014

Speed Humps On Welcome Road? - Not For Now

According to an article in the Melton and Moorabool Weekly newspaper (3rd Feb 2014)  the 2013 Diggers Rest Traffic Plan has been put on hold.

The Melton council appears to be at risk of litigation unless 21 speed humps are installed along Welcome Road. However, some of the Diggers Rest residents (Alex Jinks appears to be the spokesperson) have rejected the proposal because it would be a disadvantage to their local driving.

It is plain to see that planning is very expensive and complex as it tries to incorporate a big picture, budgets and the lobby group interests. However, to those of us who are not on the inside meetings, the town planing seems to be haphazard and reactive to litigation risks, developer funds and personal interests.

There have been many times when the Melton council has bullied Diggers Rest residents into receiving substandard constructions. Some examples include: forcing girls cub scouts to share a toilet with male adults, placing the netball courts next to the tennis courts, installing expensive tennis court surfaces incorrectly, allowing an enormous double story house to over shadow its neighbours in Universal Drive, and moving the town centre away from the train station.

Meanwhile the council turns a blind eye to the hoons who regularly do burnouts along the old Calder Highway. That is where we need some speed humps or nightly police patrols. Perhaps the council would not be sued if anybody was hurt along that road?

Can the Council plan well for the Diggers Rest infrastructure or are we going to continue reading about planning arguements?

Read more at  Melton and Moorabool Weekly newspaper (3rd Feb 2014) article written by Tara Murray, 03/02/2014

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