Thursday, 20 March 2014

Emergency Relief by the Sunbury Community Health Centre

The Sunbury Community Health Centre to those who are experiencing financial stress

This service is available to residents of Sunbury, Bulla and Diggers Rest who hold a current Health Care or Pension Care Card.

Emergency Relief, in the form of food or petrol vouchers, maybe provided once in a 3 month period. The value of vouchers is determined by an assessment.

Emergency Relief is available Monday to Friday between 10.00–11.00 am only. To arrange an appointment, please contact the Sunbury Community Health Centre on (03) 9744 4455.

Other organisations providing emergency relief in Sunbury are:
  • CareWorks SunRanges Inc. CareWorks is a community crisis centre located in Sunbury, servicing the Sunbury and Macedon Ranges region. They provide relief to those who find themselves in a crisis or emergency situation. They do this through the following programs: Foodbank, Helping Hand, Home Assistance Program, Specific Youth Aid and Listening. Click here to be directed to CareWorks’ website.
  • The Salvation Army which is located on 27–37 Anderson Road in Sunbury. Please call (03) 9744 2095 for more information.
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