Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Lightning at Rolling Meadows Overlooking Sunbury

Margaret Trist took this photograph as one shot - no stitching with Photoshop. She captured the moment and the story of our summer perfectly with this sensational shot.

In January 2014, the Sunbury area received practically no rain then a dry lighting storm struck the region. The lightning hit tree stumps and other obstacles that later became dangerous grass fires.

Margaret was at Rolling Meadows overlooking Sunbury when the display occurred. She had been waiting for a year to get practice in for lightning and, as she lived in Rolling Meadows, she took the opportunity to capture a gazillion shots that night. As a Canon lover and she used her 60D 18-135mm lens to capture this shot - f/8 15s exposure 800 ISO. 

There was shot after shot after shot but this one was her prize snap. She only wished that she knew how to focus a little better. Lessons learned.

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