Friday, 25 April 2014

Lost Diggers Rest Plane Resurfaces

A large model of the famous Houdini biplane was taken from the Australian National Aviation Museum late 2013.

Photo: Model Biplane with builder Ian Satur - sourced from

The Lions Club, who own the model, only found out about the misappropriation several months later through a Diggers Rest Talk article in January 2014. The Lions Club were dismayed that nobody had notified them about the the removal.

Since then the Lions have been trying to find out where their property had gone.  The Lions asked the local council to help find the biplane model.

An report appeared in that there has been a submission to hang the model biplane in the Melton library.

Now that the biplane has resurfaced, the Lions Club hope to get involved in deciding the fate of the model.

If you know anything details about these recent actions then please notify the Lions Club through P.O. Box 34 Diggers Rest or notify them through Facebook.

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