Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Residents Try to Halt Sunbury Out of Hume

Natalie Savino of the Leader Newspaper reports that, "Residents launch petition to halt Sunbury-Hume separation process"

Photograph Sunbury Streetscape by Hume City Council
Unsurprisingly to many of us, the primary concerns are that the initial process was rushed and vague.

The economic modelling was based upon boundary assumptions that were not tested. Two of areas under debate are Tullamarine (including Melbourne Airport) and Diggers Rest. Many residents felt that they did not have enough information to be vote in the first plebiscite.

Recently, revised petitions are being  are circulated and there is a suggestion for a second plebiscite to determine whether Sunbury should split from Hume based upon newly proposed boundaries and cost models.

As a Sunbury property owner, I was asked to vote in the first plebiscite but the committee were unable to answer the questions now being raised - the uncertainty caused me to abstain.

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